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I guess you could say it all started with my Mom. A wedding singer and part-time music store employee, she's truly the inspiration that put me where I am today. When I was younger she used to sing and play guitar for me as I would go to sleep and that found roots in my soul. I picked up her guitar seriously at the age of 12 and had her show me the basic standard chords - G, D, A, and C. I feel like any new player can build a foundation from there. After that, it was on. I never put it down. I went threw quite the broad range of styles and sounds, learning all my favorites songs through the years. Growing up in the 90's I went through TONS of phases. Punk rock, funk, metal, pop, classic rock, and literally everything in between. It wasn't until I was a sophomore in high school that I started singing along. My brother (an incredible singer and performer) convinced me to join the choir because they needed more male singers. I obliged to please him not thinking much about it and unbeknownst to me it all started to click. That year, I was signed up for the talent show and the year after that and truly never looked back.

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